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Update: It got featured on Slideshare as Top Presentation Of The Day! Super ecstatic. Thank you everyone!

Hey guys, had been busy recently, but I’m back!

Taking into account all the advice from great people like SlidesThatRock , Emiland , Illiya and many others whom I’ll mention in later posts. I thought I would create a deck based on these enlightenments. As luck would have it, Ryan Lou (@ryanlou) , one of the first people to run a Lean Startup Machine workshop invited me to be a speaker at one such event known as Startup Dynamo by Startup@SG.

I took a few days to conceptualize and render a slide deck incorporating these elements. It’s called 7 tips to Beautiful PowerPoint. Enjoy

About Eugene Cheng

Eugene Cheng is a self-taught Graphic Designer based in Singapore. He Co-Founded SlideComet to help rid the world of crappy slides.