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Custom Business Websites

(on Divi Drag-and-drop Builder)

Finally get a website that you can’t wait to share with your friends and clients. If your website looks like its something out of the 90s, it’s time for a revamp to take your business into the future.

I can help you build a unique, dynamic website that:
  • Converts your viewers into clients and customers
  • Accurately describes what’s unique about your company
  • Is Mobile-Optimized for visitors on mobile
  • You can make edits to very easily
  • Optimized for SEO

includes custom business website design and development for as many pages as you need, multiple strategy calls throughout the project, branding and copywriting assistance. Perfect for non-coders that want to have a professional site they can make edits to on-the-fly.

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Strategy

(on WordPress Sites Only)

How would you finally like to have leads coming to you for a change? An effective search strategy helps you get discovered by customers that want what you’re selling.

I can help optimize your WordPress website to:
  • Rank better on the Google Search Engine
  • Generate more qualified leads for your business
  • Consistently generate more opportunities
  • Rank on Map-pack listing

So you have a website now, but it’s not bringing you any traffic or customers? You’re not the only one. Search optimisation is a powerful way to get discovered by qualified prospects online 24/7 on auto-pilot. If you’d like to generate leads consistently without lifting a finger, sign up for a free audit.

Conversion Copywriting

How would you finally like to have leads coming to you for a change? An effective search strategy helps you get discovered by customers that want what you’re selling.

I can help optimize your site copywriting to:
  • Influence customers to take action
  • Highlight what’s unique about your brand
  • Rank well in Google search
  • Drive engagement and traffic

Good, persuasive writing is what differentiates businesses that succeed beyond all measure, to ones that struggle survive month-on-month. You can have a beautiful website, but if it doesn’t help you achieve your goals, it’s purely cosmetic. Boost your landing pages, websites and content marketing with better writing.

Creative Business Coaching

(For Creative Professionals Just Starting Out)

Get unstuck in your creative business to finally live the lifestyle that you quit your job to realize.

I can help you:
  • Charge higher fees for your time
  • Build authority for yourself as an expert
  • Consistently generate more opportunities
  • Get clients that are awesome to work with and pay well

Are you just starting out with your creative business and need some idea of what to do next to grow? I’ve been exactly where you are, got past it, and I’m likely younger than you too. Our calls will help you get past those hurdles that are stopping you from living the life you want through your creative business.

Presentation Consulting and Strategy

(Fundraising Startups and Senior Executives)

It’s bad enough that you need to get on-stage, but now you need to look and sound the part too. Get your pitch up-to-speed fast using presentation experts with a proven track record.

My company can help you:
  • Win more business with persuasive messaging
  • Build authority for yourself as an expert
  • Look and sound your best on stage through effective visual aids
  • Build visual frameworks to align your organization
  • Craft a riveting storyline for your pitch
  • Successfully raise venture capital

I don’t provide this on a personal capacity, but through my company HighSpark, get in touch if you need specific help enhancing your presentation. We typically help with high-stakes moments where you can’t afford to take risks with the output.

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