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Amidst the debate upon Singapore’s own world-class education system, I thought I would create a slide deck (surprise, surprise!) with my opinions on the situation. It is clear that we are judged upon our academic achievements in Singapore, that we cannot deny. Who can we blame, but ourselves for building such a culture at the workplace and institutions. Here’s the deck:

The Slide Deck offers nothing much that the average person does not know. It merely reinforces the point that inside everyone of us, we have the potential to shine and that we should not limit ourselves.  After it got featured as Top Presentation Of The Day on SlideShare and TheRealSingapore , there were some comments that were eye-opening.

Eugene Cheng Comment

It’s Happening Everywhere!

I mean, call me ignorant, but even in other parts of the world have become a paper chase society. (Not just the Asian ones) I do implore individuals to look beyond the picture that our cultures have painted for us and chase our own dreams. I know first-hand what it’s like to be denied opportunities because your academics just can’t cut it. It’s unfair, but it’s life. We should explore our strengths and interests to provide value to the world, and that is my definition of Success.

Dream Big & Don’t Stop.

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Eugene Cheng is a self-taught Graphic Designer based in Singapore. He Co-Founded SlideComet to help rid the world of crappy slides.