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The Next New Thing



Info: Dentsu Asia wanted a visually impactful and memorable deck to be presented at the 2013 ad:tech Conference held in Sydney, Australia to voice Dentsu’s opinion on the ever-changing digital landscape. The concept of this slide deck needed to showcase Dentsu’s multi-faceted brand colors and identity as well as required a more minimalistic approach in it’s design to fit the style of the presenter. We worked together to craft and distill a strong message and converted it into an effective presentation deck. The deck was presented by the Chairman & CEO of Dentsu Asia: Dick Van Motman for a feature Keynote Speech.

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Mobile Show Asia 2013


Singtel: Increase ROI through LBS

Info: Singtel required a striking deck with quick turnover time to be presented at the Mobile Show Asia 2013 Conference in Singapore. The resultant deck utilized a parallax theme along with sporting Singtel’s brand colors.. We worked together to simplify and visualize the deck to ensure coherence when presented. The deck was presented by the Co-Founder of HungryGoWhere: Wong Hoong An.

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Heaven in your plate

Love Cheesecakes


Info: Love Cheesecakes is a Cheesecake company situated in Lanshire , UK that specializes producing fresh and home-made cheesecakes for the mass market. Love Cheesecakes wanted a slide deck that could be presented to potential leads to promote the company’s offerings as well as act as a downloadable PDF on it’s website. The concept of the slide deck was based off the company’s warm and exuberant brand identity and philosophy. The main strengths and features of the firm were blown up and used in synergy with images of their products. Read more about this project

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Harnessing The Power Of Social Listening



Info: Cerebos wanted a Slide Deck done for use at the 2013 Regional Marketing Conference held in Thailand. Project revolved around converting a white paper highlighting the benefits of Social Listening for businesses into a visual presentation deck in PowerPoint. Visual concept for the deck was to use dominant keywords distilled from the Social Listening to highlight main points of the speaker and iconography to explain complicated processes.

Help Your Ideas Take Flight

Entrepreneur's Connect

Entrepreneur’s Connect : Promotional Slide Deck

Info: Entrepreneur’s Connect @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic needed a presentation re-design done for its existing promotional deck to students. The concept was to condense only the key essential points highlighted throughout the presentation that would appeal to students which would give entrepreneurship a go. Besides condensing the message, beautiful images were included to add induce fervour amongst potential aspiring entrepreneurs. Slides were used to promote entrepreneur-aid initiatives by the entity to students.

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Better With Evernote

Harmon Enterprises


Info: Harmon Enterprises wanted an existing slide deck that educated professionals on how to use Evernote to increase efficiency to be re-designed to simplify its message and strengthen its visual appeal. The concept of execution revolved about a mixture of Harmon Enterprises’ and Evernote’s color scheme and theme. Further simplification was done by re-structuring sentences and replacing text with images and pictorials.

Beautiful PowerPoint Tips

Creating Beautiful PowerPoint

Educational PowerPoint deck done for a Short Talk at Startup Dynamo a Lean Startup workshop held by Startup@SG NUS to give participants basic advice on creating PowerPoint decks that are more visual and outstanding in nature. As seen on SlideShare. Thanks to Ryan Lou for the invite.

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Presentation Jedi

A self-initiated personal project outlining ways to build better presentations through design and delivery. High Resolution photos by JD Hancock are used.

Featured as  Slideshare’s Top Presentation of the Day».

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