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Plenty of people struggle with communicating their ideas and stories clearly when it counts.

I help to distill complex information into visually persuasive business communications so their offerings sell better. It might be a high-stakes presentation, the copy on your website or different types of content you have online.

For close to half a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative brands to sell, communicate and reach their audiences in a way that is visually persuasive by using design-thinking in communication as an enabler to achieve business goals. Past clients include soaring startups like Glints all the way to TEDx speakers and C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies.

“Eugene’s a great guy – impressive understanding of pitching & presentation techniques, and very sound business sense. Highly recommend his services for anyone looking to improve their presentation style and pitching”

Rupert Privett

Co Founder, Director, Mosaic Group

“This 20 something CEO is a treat to work with. He is definitely a go-getter and I was very impressed with his professionalism.  I have nothing but the highest recommendation for Eugene & his company.”

Udara Withana

Strategic Planning Director, Dentsu Singapore

“I was very impressed by his mastery of visual communication and his ability to distill complex concepts into a simple, and graphically interestingly form. Creating something “simple” is actually quite hard and Eugene has a great talent in executing this.”

Stacey Harmon

Principal, Harmon Enterprises

I currently work at HighSpark (formerly SlideComet), a strategic presentation consultancy and training company based in Singapore as Partner and Creative lead. I’m also a Keynote Author (Top 1% of users in the world) on Linkedin SlideShare – The world’s largest community for sharing presentations, where I have more than 4,000,000 views combined across two channels.

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