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Hello, back from a short hiatus. Happy to say that I recently got to work on a Promotional PowerPoint Deck for an awesome cheesecake company in the United Kingdom known as Love Cheesecakes. Thought I would walk you guys through the process from start to finish. Love Cheesecakes offers home made and freshly made cheesecakes, nothing artificial. Trading since June 2012 at food festivals and markets they are super-specialized at individual cheesecakes. They take on orders of most sizes and exude a warm, approachable personality. If interested to find out more do visit their webpage :

Creative Brief

Love Cheesecakes creative brief encompassed the intention to create a promotional PowerPoint deck that brought out the best of their services and offerings in a deck. It also had to act as a standalone download in PDF format on their website. It was key to ensure that the deck would be as minimalist as possible and to let the high quality brand image of the company to stand out and connect with audiences.

Research & Conceptualizing

Mind-Map & Research

As stated in my past post on Brainstorming, I whipped out my sketchpad and pencil to start mind-mapping potential ideas as well as to gain a better understanding whilst doing research. This isolated many areas that could act as stronger main points in the whole PowerPoint deck.

Love Cheesecakes Eugene Cheng itseugene

Mindmapping Process

After analyzing past presentations, Love Cheesecakes’ had utilized PowerPoints default templates and were a little too focused on driving the information across at an overwhelming rate without framing it with their amazing product offerings and traits.


After the proposed structure was approved , I also sketch out draft slides without much care for the aesthetic quality of it to finish up conceptualizing. This step also helps to correct any mistake before moving on to Rendering. Also known as Storyboarding.

Storyboarding Love Cheesecakes Eugene Cheng Itseugene




Sticking true to the sketches done, I followed the concept closely and stuck to a color scheme that reflected/brought out the identity that Love Cheesecakes was all about. Won’t go into great detail about it here, would be way too lengthy.

Render Itseugene love cheesecakes eugene cheng

Storyboarding Rendering

At this stage, reduction had to be exercised to make sure that only the essential is kept. Some restructuring and removal of slides was done. If you liked this, do have a look at my other decks on SlideShare If you’re interested in getting a slide deck done for your next big pitch or presentation. Let’s Get In Touch.   Also, do let me know what you think. Why not leave a comment?

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